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Working with Peggy was absolutely amazing! She is not only knowledgeable about the whole process but gave excellent advice (i.e. helping to determine an offering price, negotiating terms during the counter offer, recommendations on which inspections to do on the house after our offer was accepted). Peggy was always patient with us and never rushed us to make a quick decision. On the contrary, she always made sure we were doing what was right for us. Peggy was also readily available to us and kept us updated with information she got from the selling agent. Lastly, the most important thing is that Peggy is honest. I never questioned her integrity. I had peace in mind knowing that whatever she told us was the truth and that she was only trying to maximize our benefits.

Zillow-Monterey Park Buyer


This is no exaggeration but Peggy is superlative in every way. She came to our home and identified all the areas we need to improve before putting it on the market for us to get the best sale price. She suggested staging which improved the sale of our home tremendously because the presentation was stunning. She suggested a preview time where local people could take a look at our home before putting it on the market so we could ID the things we need to improve on the home. She had our home in escrow in a matter of 2 weeks with over 30 bidders on our home! We got almost 45K over asking. during escrow she worked with the other party so well that they gave into conditions that we didn't even request just to move escrow along faster. These are just a few things that make Peggy so special! Beyond all of this she's a servant that loves to love on people. You couldn't have a more kind and competent agent than Peggy. Thank you Peggy for blessing our family. We are better off because of you!

Zillow- Seller